Yavapai Block Company

Precast Supplies in Prescott, AZ

We manufacture a variety of durable, precast products that meet infrastructure demands on any scale. This includes everything from septic tanks to manholes, interceptors, and highway barriers.

Septic Tanks

Our septic tanks are structurally sound, watertight, and manufactured to industry-quality standards.


We manufacture top-of-the-line interceptors designed to separate waste from water, before entering the sewer system.


Precast concrete manholes are an integral part of a modern sewer system and provide superior watertight performance.

Parking Bumpers

Precast parking bumpers will make your property cleaner and safer, while complying with local and federal regulations.

Highway Barriers

Our traditional, precast concrete highway barriers are safely designed to prevent head-on collisions with dangerous objects.

Need A Block Product?

If you’re in need of concrete block on your next project, we’ve got everything from CMUs to fence block, split-faced, fluted split, pavers, and more!