Custom Masonry Fence in Prescott, AZ

Our unique masonry fences are manufactured with only the finest materials available. Our manufacturing process far exceeds industry standards. Every gate we install is custom fit, without the need for adjustable hardware or hinges, and comes with a gloss-baked enamel finish. View our gate specifications and installation instructions below.

Yavapai Block
Yavapai Block
Yavapai Block

Gate Specifications

  • All iron material is a minimum of 16 gauge
  • All iron material is mig welded for strength
  • All iron material is cleaned inside and out in a high pressure, heated phosphate wash.
  • All gates have a gloss black baked enamel powder coat finish
  • All hinges are solid and welded to gate post and frame
  • All gates use a welded, lockable gravity latch
  • All double gates have a welded cane bolt (drop pin) and hardware
  • All iron end tubes are capped on top
  • All wood is top grade 1″ x 6″ white incense cedar with natural finish
  • All bolts and nuts are zinc plated
  • All gates include zine one wa nail-ins to prevent theft after installation
  • Optional springs are welded to gate frame and post

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Our block manufacturing is a science of engineering and architectural integrity, from standard CMUs to fence blocks, fireplace parts, and bricks in every color and texture.