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Custom Landscaping Patterns & Styles in Prescott, AZ

Our custom landscaping work can transform your outdoor space with clean designs and strong foundations. We offer a variety of landscaping products including Versa-Lok structural retaining walls, Mosaic panels, Handy Stone, borders, planters, pavers, and more!

Block Wall
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Landscaping Products

Structural Retaining Walls


The Versa-Lok System is a permanent, attractive alternative to ordinary wall types. Versa-Lok walls display a natural split-face texture to compliment any environment and because they are made of concrete, are environmentally safe. Versa-Lok retaining walls are economically installed without mortar and do not require concrete footings.


Create eye-catching designs by combining all three VERSA-LOK units to form the random-patterned Mosaic Retaining Wall System. Attractive and durable, the Mosaic system utilizes the same four-unit panel (10″ x 24″)–consisting of one Standard, one Cobble and two Accent units–giving each wall a vintage look and feel. Although its pattern may seem complex, the simplistic four-unit Mosaic panels are just as easy to install as our Standard, Cobble or Accent Retaining Wall Systems.

Square Foot

Square Foot is a premium cored unit that covers a full square foot of wall face economically, making it a low-cost alternative for some commercial applications. Its trapezoidal shape and top-pinning system allow for variable bond construction, accurate alignment, tighter vertical joints and easy installation. Square Foot’s unique design enables a near-vertical setback, and its thick face affords greater durability than other cored systems.

Retaining Walls up to 3′

(Borders, Planters, Steps, etc.)


Handy-Wall units are easy to install.  There’s no mortar to mix or apply.  Simply stack the units.  The rear lip assures proper alignment and setback.  Units are made of solid concrete, so walls are environmentally safe and will last for generations.

Retaining Walls up to 2′

(Borders, Planters, Steps, etc.)

Handy-Stone II

The Handy-Stone product line is ideal for decorative landscaping elements where earth-retention requirements are minimal, such as planters, tree rings, and edging. The solid concrete units are virtually maintenance-free and are environmentally safe, long-lasting alternatives to treated lumber or railroad ties.


Holland Stone

Traditional, classic looks can be yours with Holland Stone pavers. The rectangular shape allows you to create an array of patterns from herringbone to basketweave, running bond or as a soldier course border. Design your path or driveway using classic Holland Stone, with a number of colors to select from, to create the welcoming impact you desire.

"I" Pavers

Interlocking pavers offer the look of classic European pavers, superb durability with endless functional and decorative applications.

Pave Edge

Pave-Edge is a patented structural PVC edging specifically designed for concrete pavers. Available in both rigid and flexible configurations, it provides a permanent edge restraint for straight and curved pavements. Steel spikes are used to securely anchor the edging in place.

Please visit the Pave Tech web site for helpful installation tips and instructions.

Pave Stone

We are an authorized dealer for Pave Stone and Pave Stone products.
Come see our many displays at our Prescott store and visit the Pave Stone web site for  product details.

Paver Patterns

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